How bloody calm is everyone else

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I don't get it, I really don't - 12 hours to go and I'm already a nervous wreck, meanwhile, everyone else going on the same flight are as cool as cucumbers, three little bloody fonzies. "You've gotta go sometime...", "if it happens we can't do anything about it...". I dunno, my appeals to rationality just does not seem to work... "Look forget Spain and it's Puerto Banus, that's just a crazy... What about Whitley Bay and Bills Fish Bar Instead? Yum Yum".

Every 5 seconds....
Still looking at this safety thing, apparently a 737 takes off or lands somewhere in the world every 5 seconds. Now I have two ways of looking at this: 1) They are so routine that airlines have probably got it down to a fine art or 2) they do it so often that the tendency to be complacent arises (i.e. balls it up big time). I had a go taking off with a 737 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and man was that difficult, first the plane was just going round in circles at the end of Newcastle Airport runway because only one engine was running. Eventually I managed to get the plane moving down the runway (well really zig zagging as though it was trying to dodge a bullet in beruit or something crazy like that). Even at full throttle I couldn't get the plane higher than 10,000 feet. - So really no hope of landing one in an emergency then...

Is it really the safest form of transport
I've done a bit of research of transport fataility and this often spread statistic about "flying being the safest for of transport" is not entirely correct. The site has a bunch of stats that show air travel is the safest form of travel ONLY when fatalities per billion km are compared. When fatalities per billion journeys are compared air is worse than Bus, Rail, Van, Car, Foot and Water - Only having less fatalities per journey than Bicycle and MotorCycle. This is also comparable to the European Commission (2001) analysis which shows Rail to be the Safest form of transport in Europe (with 0.04 fatalaties per billion passenger km), with air, coach/bus each tied with a fatality rate per billion passenger km of 0.08.

95% of Plane Crashes have survivors
According to wikiHow's How to Survive a Plane Crash 95% of all plane crashes have survivors - I'm kinda hoping that when they say this they are not talking about the person who misses the flight. Anyway, it's interesting reading and certainly worthwhile if by chance you find yourself in a survivable crash. wikiHow's How to Overcome a Fear of Flying had some interesting points but their suggestion of "Download or buy a flight simulator and play it. See that flying is very casual and there is nothing to be scared of", just made me worse - trouble taking off with no hope of landing. First I'm at 10,000 feet and then all of a sudden smash, 10 feet under. It would be great in real life if when your plane happened to crash, you were magically transported (a.l.a. GroundHog Day) back to 10,000 feet again or to a point prior to making the mistake that caused the crash - I guess Microsoft weren't going for the realism thing on that one.

Season 5 of Lost
I just realised that if it does go down then I'll not get to see Season 5 of Lost, heck then again I could actually end up in the show as one of those mysterious dudes that all of a sudden show up after being stuck in a Dharma inititive underground bunker for like 10 years or something. Of course I'd be an instant hit with my good lucks, quick wit and charming personality that I'd become rich and famous overnight. I'd be doing shaving ads and sh*t, even taking all the top hot chicks to the oscars. You will all be saying "Look there's that Tovster dude, looking so suave and sexy, man I wish I could be like him!". Anyway, reality check (snaps back to the present reality, not so much with trepidation as shear and absolute terror). Bugger, the wind has gone up from 42 to 45km/h and I can still hear planes taking off, are they crazy? Hopefully they'll cancel the flight and lay a bus on instead. There's only one thing for sure and that's it will be as bumpy as hell...

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